PoolChia announces partnership with ChiaExplorer!

We’re proud to announce an exclusive partnership with ChiaExplorer to build an always optional fee, secure, private, and AWS built pool based on the Chia blockchain...

Faucet and how to prepare for Chia Pools

On 5/11, Chia announced faucet.chia.net which free-dropped 100 mojo (.000000001 XCH) to your wallet if you input your XCH wallet address. But what ...

The Quarterly Based Cycle of Boom and Bust

Shanghai 2010, during its roaring boom days in the aftermath of the GFC.  Forex trading on capital markets was all the rage.  So much...

Official Pool of ChiaExplorer 

3.1415026 XCH 42 EiB

My Body is Ready.

Optional Pool Fees

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VC’s say XCH only $24?!

VC’s say XCH only $24?!

At the time of the $500mil valuation the market cap of XCH was close to $500mil. It’s that simple. Their valuation was directly correlated to the total value of tokens in circulation…

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