Private, secure, and optional pool fees

What’s a Poolchia?

Poolchia is a pool created by early Chia adopters who want to help build the Chia ecosystem. Pooling with Poolchia helps the small farmers become a part of a Chia Nakamoto consensus to help verify the blockchain. Since it is becoming increasingly difficult for small time farmers to win a full Chia block on their own, pooling helps farmers earn fractional rewards so they are rewarded for their efforts on a more linear basis. We here at Poolchia hope this will help push Chia adoption by the masses which is part of Chia Inc’s original vision of Chia. Optional fees is a part of that.

Our values

We at Poolchia all agree that Chia is the greenest option that most closely follows the original vision of blockchains as well as have a secure future under the Chia Corp group. PoolChia will use our development of functionality at Poolchia to help grow the community and ecosystem around Chia. Everything we do here is for the betterment of the community and the Chia blockchain itself, including the revolutionary coloured coin smart contract system built on top of the Chia platform.

Our team

Poolchia, LLC is made up of two Amazon AWS advisors, a crypto pool/De-Fi specialist, a certified OPSEC consultant, and an end-to-end blockchain development group. All members of Poolchia own a stake in the company and will focus on creating decentralized apps on the Chia blockchain to help build the Chia ecosystem. Our group collectively is called EmergentCoin, and you can see our bios on


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VC’s say XCH only $24?!

VC’s say XCH only $24?!

At the time of the $500mil valuation the market cap of XCH was close to $500mil. It’s that simple. Their valuation was directly correlated to the total value of tokens in circulation…

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