Disclaimer: The Q&A gathered here is mostly from the Chia Network devs discussion at Keybase #pools channel. Some of the information should be considered partial and incomplete while waiting for the development team of Chia Network to be finalized and the page will update accordingly.

What makes Chia pools unique?

Please visit our “What makes Chia pooling so unique?” article

What are “Optional Pool Fees”?

Pool feels should always be determined by the users, not mandated by the Pool. PoolChia is always optional pool fees because we believe in the community to choose a fee that suits their situation. If you bring in 100PB and don’t feel we deserve the 1% pool fee, then go ahead and reduce it, at any time! We will be using the pool fees to grow our capability as well as host all our services in AWS so we can be the fastest pool on the market.

Do I need to replot for joining the pool?

Yes. Any plots generated before the public pooling protocol release will be required to re-plot. The new plot generated after the pooling protocol update (Est. the end of May) is called portable plots.

How about my current plots?

Your current plot still good for solo farming and there is still a chance you can earn a block from your original plots. I would only replot once you’re out of space and have the extra compute power.

Are my portable plots bound to a specific pool?

No. Your portable plots are not binding any pools. You can always switch pools at a cost (the current cost of switching is also uncertain).

How do I switch to PoolChia?

The details of how to switch pools are unclear at the moment. Things we know right now is that switching pools cost a small number of fees (few mojos) and that’s why if you are new to Chia farming or haven’t found any blocks you should head to https://faucet.chia.net to get some mojos or reach out to us on our #pool-support Discord channel

What are the Keys for? And Do I need to keep them secure?

PoolChia keys are unique identifiers that allow us to know when you registered without any other personal information. The PoolChia keys are not tied to any personal information, email, nor account. This PoolChia key will be used to identify when you registered so you are awarded pre-registration bonuses.

What are "Bonus Content" "Surprise Gift"?


When will PoolChia come online?

PoolChia is reviewing the pool documentation just released on 5/15 for a day one delivery once pooling opens. We aim to be the #1 Chia pool in NA and EU and will be plotting our private pool on it!

Who is “PoolChia”

See the “About” page

How do I contact PoolChia?

Best place to use the #pool-support channel on Discord or via poolchia(at)emergentcoin.com


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