Faucet and how to prepare for Chia Pools

Written By: chiarocks | Catagory: Guides​ | Date: 2021-05-16

On 5/11, Chia announced faucet.chia.net which free-dropped 100 mojo (.000000001 XCH) to your wallet if you input your XCH wallet address. But what is the purpose of this 100 mojo and why are they asking everyone to come to the faucet.chia.net to get it?


According to the Chia dev post below from Chia, swapping pools will require a variable mojo fee. In order to help prepare users who have not yet farmed any XCH, Chia Inc will send out 100 mojo so farmers can switch around pools without worrying about having XCH for the switch. Pooling with Chia is different because you use special pooling plots that are different from the current solo plots. The pooling plots can plot to a specific pool key but if you want to swap pools you will need to pay a mojo fee, which is why Chia is giving away 100 mojo through faucet so everyone has the opportunity to switch around pools.


Some people have been experiencing issues with faucet.chia.net. Here are some common troubleshoot issues. If you are still having issues, feel free to join us on #pool-support on Discord and we’ll help you through it. If you still don’t get mojo in your account, we’re more than happy to help send 100 mojo over. 


  1. Where do I go to get the free 100 mojo?
    Go to faucet.chia.net and add your xch receiving address from your Chia client GUI
  2. Why isn’t the 100 mojo showing up in my wallet?
    Most common reason is that your Chia wallet is not yet synced to the network. If you go to the wallets tab on the Chia client gui, view the top left corner for “synced” on height 277K+ (on 5/13/2021). If it says anything else, then your wallet is not synced and it will not work
  3. I still don’t see the mojo!?
    Come join us on the poolchia discord  and we’ll help send mojo over! 

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