Comparing Chia With Other Investments 

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Comparing Chia With Other Investments

The Chia Network started off strong. Last May, Chia Network Inc. secured $61 million worth of equity investments from Richmond Global Ventures after welcoming managing partner David Frazee to the board. With this additional funding, the Chia Network inches closer to achieving its dream of operating a blockchain-based payments system that is both eco-friendly and decentralized.

If the rise of Chia interests you, you might be wondering whether the Chia coin is worth the investment. To help illustrate the network’s benefits, we’ve laid out a few comparisons between Chia and other popular investment vehicles: other cryptocurrencies, forex, and stocks. A closer look at these similarities and differences may help you determine whether the Chia coin is for you.

Chia Vs. Other Cryptocurrencies

Public opinion on cryptocurrency has swung to the negative thanks to reports of blockchain technology’s effect on the environment. Bad press will inevitably lead to crashing coin prices, especially if the public deems that a cryptocurrency’s environmental impact outweighs the advantages.

The Proofs of Space and Time consensus mechanism used by the Chia Network allows investors to benefit from blockchain technology without putting the planet at risk. As explained by Data Center Dynamics, because PoST hinges on hard drive space, it is less performance-intensive, network-intensive, and compute-intensive than popular consensus mechanisms Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. The Chia Network even says it hopes to cut down its total CO2 emissions by 20% by 2025. Chia’s environmental benefits make it more attractive to modern investors, which could boost its longevity as a crypto investment.

Chia Vs. Forex

Though forex trading existed far before the digital age, the internet opened up the market to anyone who could get online. Today, it is one of the most accessible markets and seen as a good entry point for beginners. The features offered by online platforms MetaTrader 4, Ninja Trader, and Trading Station, as featured on FXCM, cater to the needs of the individual trader, regardless of experience level or trading style. The availability of support options on trading platforms, the market’s liquidity, and the relative stability of fiat investments, are some of the factors that make forex more attractive than crypto.

But one big reason people trade forex over crypto is the availability of leverage. Since leverage allows traders to stake borrowed money, it’s possible to generate greater profits using smaller investments. Fortunately, the Chia Network is just as accessible. According to Yahoo Finance’s article on Chia, farming Chia coins doesn’t require a lot of technical skills. This means that the beginner investor will be able to farm Chia at home at an affordable cost.

Chia Vs. Stocks

When people hear the word investment, stocks are often what comes to mind. Because they are backed by underlying assets, namely shares of existing companies, they make pretty secure investments, which is a feature that lends to their popularity. People invest in stocks because they believe in a company’s potential for profit. On the other hand, people invest in cryptocurrencies because they believe in the potential of a system.

Traditional investors who want to support Chia but don’t want to hold onto the coins themselves have the option to buy Chia Network’s stock. Launching the company’s initial public offering (IPO) had been in talks since the coin was first released in May.

As an upcoming cryptocurrency, Chia shows a lot of potential. Its eco-friendly features benefit the planet while giving it longevity against bad press. It is also user-friendly and accessible. Investors that plan on adopting Chia during its early stages can join the Poolchia pool. Through Chia pools, farmers can earn rewards for finding Chia blocks without having to put down larges investments for storage.

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