PoolChia announces  partnership with ChiaExplorer!

Written By: chiarocks | Catagory: News​ | Date: 2021-05-30

Bringing the best of pooling technology, Chia community, and developers together


We’re proud to announce an exclusive partnership with ChiaExplorer to build an always optional fee, secure, private, and AWS built pool based on the Chia blockchain. This is the culmination of a long-built, mutual relationship to help the benefit of both platforms and the community as a whole. PoolChia aims to be the largest pool in NA/EU, giving all our farmers regular fractional rewards for their contribution, no matter the size of their plots. 


“I was immediately impressed that PoolChia was not just focusing on a pool, but also focusing on the real opportunity of Chia” said Freddie, founder of ChiaExplorer.com, “PoolChia wants to help create a DeFI ecosystem to rival those that exist on other blockchains. This team is in it for the long-haul and we both want to help Chia become #1 in crypto!”


PoolChia.com launched today with a privacy focused pre-registration which gives a unique ‘cd-key’ or registration key to users to manually keep or request to send to their email. Emails are not tracked unless manually subscribing to our newsletter. PoolChia is AWS based, with full-stack and security developers to help me sure PoolChia is the fastest and most secure Chia pool on the market. New content will be posted on a regular basis focusing on our community needs such as guides, inside information, state of the blockchain, and other useful info!


“Keep those pre-registration keys in a safe place”, states Ivan, a PoolChia founder, “We have some really fun plans for those pre-registration keys which start accumulating rewards as soon as you register! In the future, once the Chia blockchain matures, we plan to release rewards tied to your key for you to claim. It’ll be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to share the ideas we came up with!”

PoolChia.com launches today with always optional fees, dedicated to the farmers looking to pool Chia XCH. Follow us today on twitter, join us on discord or reddit, and prepare to go to the Mars with us!

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